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Smiling BuddGuided Meditation & Movement Workshops.
Saturdays: Oct. 18, Nov. 15, and Dec. 13 / 10:00-11:30 am $35 each (attend 1, 2, or all)

Erase the cares of the world as you are guided in full-body Qigong Meditation, taking you to a place of deep relaxation within your body, mind and spirit. The meditation is followed by guided Qigong Movement practices that are easy to do and learn … Each workshop offers a different meditation and movement practice. Your breath becomes your healer … Your powerful mind-body connection, your medicine … Your intention, your release … Do this for you ...

See Classes and Calendar for details.

Change is inevitable. Navigating change underlays everything we do in life. The ancients understood this. Through study of the human body and human nature, they developed simple, yet profound ways to transform internal energies to maintain a healthy relationship of body and mind, and achieve healing and a balanced approach to life. Join me on retreat, in classes, or one-on-one to explore these healing practices. They can change your life, as they have mine!
— Joy Black