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Joy Black / Qigong
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555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2, Richmond, VA 23236
(in Southport Office Park; 1st building on right next to entrance - see sign for Dr. Kranski)

Tao-Yin Yoga
Mondays, ongoing / 6:30-7:45 pm / $15 drop-in anytime or $50/4 classes

Slow, gentle movement suitable for most anyone. Tao Yin emphasizes the breath, activates the different energy meridians of the body that govern the vital organs, and gives special emphasis to the Psoas Muscle and the various Vertebrae groups of the spine to give flexibility and strength to these areas. You will be cultivating gentleness while developing strength…perform the exercises with awareness and sensitivity; they are moving meditations…

Primordial Qigong /Tai Chi for Enlightenment
Saturdays, Feb. 28-April 18* / 3:00-4:00 pm / $95

Also called Wuji Gong, the Primordial Qigong form is a joyful, slow-moving form that gathers powerful energies from the Earth, Heavens and the Four Directions. It employs looser, more free-flowing movements than typical Tai Chi forms, and encompasses the Wuji, Bagua, and Yin/Yang concepts. Learn this easy form to enjoy for the rest of your life - on the beach, at the mountains, or in your own backyard.
*skip April 4

Special 10-Class Meditation Series
Saturdays, March 14*-May 9 / $250 if 4+ people

For two hours each week, we will gather to experience some of the many ways to meditate. This will be an exploration, a pilgrimage. Those who participate are committed to bringing some form of meditation into their daily lives. They are excited to share this experience with other like-minded, like-hearted people. Class size is limited to allow time for sharing and dialogue, personal instruction, weekly sitting practice, and special readings. Deepen your spiritual life. Three off-site meditation experiences are included.
*First class actually Friday, March 6; includes two Sunday evenings. We will review the schedule at the first class and make changes to try to accommodate everyone's vacations and other conflicts.

Belly Talk! Unwinding Your Belly
Friday, April 24 or Saturday, April 25 / 1:00-2:00 pm / $15

A lot of stress is held in the abdomen. Learn how to unwind the tensions held deep within your abdominal muscles and vital organs through QiGong Chi self-massage of your belly. These are easy, feel-good techniques you can do for yourself to release tightness and stress. Unwinding your belly will help you feel happier and more relaxed, help you fall asleep more easily, and replace tightness with softness.

See Classes and Calendar for details.

Change is inevitable. Navigating change underlays everything we do in life. The ancients understood this. Through study of the human body and human nature, they developed simple, yet profound ways to transform internal energies to maintain a healthy relationship of body and mind, and achieve healing and a balanced approach to life. Join me on retreat, in classes, or one-on-one to explore these healing practices. They can change your life, as they have mine!
— Joy Black