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Joy Black / Qigong
Welcome to Good Energy for Life!

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555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2, Richmond, VA 23236
(in Southport Office Park; 1st building on right next to entrance - see sign for Dr. Kranski)

New Classes April to June:
Please Register in Advance: 804-971-7135 or

A Special 10-Class Meditation Series Just Began.
It will be offered again in the fall. Let me know by June/July if you may be interested so we can coordinate schedules.

Meditation, Movement, Breathing
Sat., April 11 / 1-2 pm / $20

Guided meditation, followed by healing breath work to open the spine and breathe life into vital organs, and two or three easy-to-learn qigong movement practices.

Tao-Yin Yoga
Mondays, ongoing / 6:30-7:45 pm / $15 drop-in anytime or $50/4 classes

Slow, gentle movement suitable for most anyone. But don't let it fool you--this practice utilizes qigong inner alchemy, the Five Elements theory and golden light breath work to strengthen and flex your entire spine and and improve the functioning of all vital organs.

Meditation, Movement, Breathing
Wed., April 22 / 7-8 pm / $20

Same class as is being offered Sat., April 11.

Belly Talk-Unwinding Your Belly
Fri., April 24 / 1-2 pm / $15

Learn how to unwind the tensions held deep within your abdominal muscles and vital organs through chi self-massage. Release tightness and stress. Feel happier and more relaxed, fall asleep more easily, and replace tightness with softness. Aids digestion and the flows of lymph, blood and Chi.

Belly Talk-Unwinding Your Belly
Sat., April 25 / 1-2 pm / $15

Same class as is being offered Fri., April 24.

Inner Smile Meditation & Microcosmic Orbit
Sat., May 9 / 1:30-3:00 pm / $45

The Inner Smile is an ancient Chinese healthcare practice that transforms damaging, negative emotions into vitality and healing through directing energy to all vital organs and glands, the complete digestive system, and the brain and nervous system. The Microcosmic Orbit circulates Chi inside your body to balance and enhance your energy.

Six Healing Sounds
Sat., May 16 / 1:30-2:45 pm / $25

Vibrations from your own voice can help release excess heat from deep within your body and bring about relaxation of your vital, inner organs to promote healing.

Chi Self Massage
Rescheduled to Sat., May 30 (newsletter wrong)
Sat., May 23 / 1:30-2:30 pm / $20

Very similar to the Belly Talk/Unwinding class, but this class focuses on more of the body.

Taoist Five Elements in Your Life
Wed., June 3, 10 & 17 / 7-8 pm / $65

The Taoist Five Elements (Phases) are found everywhere in life: our personalities, foods, colors, emotioins, and vital organs... Feng Shui... Mother Nature... the Universe, and more. Understanding the interactions of the Elements (Phases) and ways to balance their energies within our bodies and our lives can help us live happier and healthier--physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Primordial Qigong Movement Form
Saturdays, June 6-July 18* / 9:30-10:30 am / $95

Also called Tai Chi for Enlightenment and Wuji Gong, this joyful, free-flowing form gathers powerful energies from the Earth, Heavens, and the Four Directions. It encompasses the Wuji, Bagua, Yin/Yang, and Torus concepts. Learn this easy form to enjoy for the rest of your life ~ on the beach, at the mountains, and in your own back yard. (it also works indoors!)
*no class July 4

Meditation, Movement, Breathing
Wed., June 24 / 7-8 pm / $20

Same class as is being offered Sat., April 11 and Wed., April 22.

Healing Therapies Are Now on a Sliding Scale
Chi Nei Tsang ... Transcutaneous Acupuncture ... Healing Touch ... Reiki Accunect ... or a blend of these therapies are available on a sliding scale of $60 to $100.

Please pay what you can afford. All sessions are 1.0-1.5 hours. A healing session is especially beneficial at the time of seasonal changes.

See Classes and Calendar for details.

Change is inevitable. Navigating change underlays everything we do in life. The ancients understood this. Through study of the human body and human nature, they developed simple, yet profound ways to transform internal energies to maintain a healthy relationship of body and mind, and achieve healing and a balanced approach to life. Join me on retreat, in classes, or one-on-one to explore these healing practices. They can change your life, as they have mine!
— Joy Black