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Joy Black / Qigong
Welcome to Good Energy for Life!

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555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2, Richmond, VA 23236
(in Southport Office Park; 1st building on right next to entrance - see sign for Dr. Kranski)

What's Happening Now:
Please Register in Advance for All Classes: 804-971-7135 or

Ease Your Stiff Back with Tao-Yin Taoist Yoga
Wednesdays - ongoing
1:00-2:30 pm
$15/drop-in or $50/month
Location: Good Energy for Life, 555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2
Register in Advance: Joy Black to 804-971-7135 or

Tao Yin Taoist Yoga is so different from any other yoga! The muscle movements are so easy and gentle that you may think nothing is happening, but you would be quite mistaken. The inner alchemy of Tao Yin is very powerful - every energy meridian is highly stimulated, and opposing energies become balanced. Negative emotions are cleared from your vital organs and meridian energy flows are fully opened. Your body feels balanced and light. Vibrations from singing bowls at the end of the session resonate within you at the cellular level and you feel more alive, yet calm and open inside. No more stiffness or stress. Tao Yin emphasizes the breath, and focuses on the entire spine and the psoas muscles deep within your lower back. This slow, gentle yoga is suitable for most anyone.

Awakening the Soul - a seated class in the Qigong of Unconditional Love
Thursdays: May 5, 12, 19, 26 / 1:00-2:30 pm / $99
Location: Richmond Natural Medicine (RNM), 2201 W. Broad St., Suite 107
Register in Advance: RNM at 804-977-2634

This seated Qigong movement form will strengthen and relax the body, dissolve negative emotions, clarify the mind, open the heart, and ultimately elevate the spirit. It consists of eight simple movements, all done while seated comfortably on a chair. If you want to feel deep relaxation and inner peace in about 15 minutes, learn and practice this form. If you work at a computer, or find that your arms rarely move to positions above or away from the front of your body for extended periods, you can restrict the energy flow of your heart and other meridians. This form will instantly make you aware of tightness in those meridians and will open that flow and open your heart, resulting in a very peaceful state.

​Introduction to Qigong for Health & Healing
3 Thursdays: May 12 [canceled], June 9, July 14 / 11:00 am-12:00 pm / $25
Location: Good Energy for Life, 555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2
Register in Advance: Joy Black to 804-971-7135 or

Find out how Qigong (Chi Kung), an ancient Chinese healthcare system, can help you prevent - and heal from - illness and discomfort. Qigong encompasses every part of our lives - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Class is informational and experiential.

Primordial Qigong Refresher at the Park
2 times on Friday, June 3: 10:00-11:00 am or 5:00-6:00 pm / $10 per session.
Location: Forest Hill Park - meet at the front steps of the Stone House
Register in Advance: Richmond Natural Medicine at 804-977-2634

If you took the Primordial Qigong class with Joy at any time in the past, this is your chance to refresh your practice, recall movements you may have forgotten, and put it all together with like-minded individuals in the natural beauty of Forest Hill Park. Come join us to do the Primordial Qigong form at the park!

Qigong Tune-up for Summer (Fire Element) 
Tuesday, June 21 / 10:30 am-12:00 pm or 5:00-6:30 pm / $35
Location: Good Energy for Life, 555 Southlake Blvd., Suite C-2
Register in Advance: Joy Black to 804-971-7135 or 

Learn about the Fire energy of summertime, plus some specific Qigong practices for clearing stagnant energy and tonifying and balancing the Fire organs: the heart and small intestine. A fun, experiential and informative class!

See Classes and Calendar for details.

Change is inevitable. Navigating change underlays everything we do in life. The ancients understood this. Through study of the human body and human nature, they developed simple, yet profound ways to transform internal energies to maintain a healthy relationship of body and mind, and achieve healing and a balanced approach to life. Join me on retreat, in classes, or one-on-one to explore these healing practices. They can change your life, as they have mine!
— Joy Black